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Tomorrow is the day

Categories: Family, Friends, Geekdom, Technology
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Published on: July 3, 2021

A couple of days ago I posted to facebbok (first time I went on facebook in months) to let the people there know i will be deleting my facebook account. And i decided to do the deletion on independence day as it will be my final freedom from facebook so tomorrow the day the page[…]

Based on the censorship from Google(Youtube)/Facebook/Twitter will posting here more often

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Published on: June 25, 2019

The title says it all, I will be posting here more often outside of the Facebook and Twitter censorship, no I never been blocked for anything but I seen many others being unpersoned, er deplatforming as they call it.

Remember When

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Published on: August 10, 2012

Remember when blogs were the thing (kind of funny to ask that on a blog) well I have moved my RSS reading from a program to Google Reader so I can not only read it on my computer but also I installed the Google Reader on my Android Phone so I can keep up with[…]

Thanks to Rob and Terry

Categories: Family, Politics
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Published on: November 7, 2006

Today, I asked two of my friends Terry and Rob to go with me when I went to vote, I was worried because back in 2004 moveon was doing aggressive campaigning inside the polling places, and there was almost no privacy on the new voting booths. I was glad when I went in and saw[…]

Game night

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Published on: April 24, 2006

Tonight I had a few more friends over for games, we played Taboo and Trivial Pursuit. It started out normal, but then things started to get funny during the Taboo game. My friends came over around 6 and left around 10, it was a good night. We were talking about doing it again next week.

Poker Tonight

Categories: Family
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Published on: April 19, 2006

Tonight I had a few friends over for food and games, we got a game of poker in. We had a good game. Most of my friends came over around 7 and left around 10. I like haveing friends over. I was able to use the new poker set my mother got me. There are[…]

Flooding in Europe (This worries me)

Categories: Family, News
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Published on: April 4, 2006

The BCC is running a news item about Flooding in Central Europe. This worries me. Why you might ask, my sister lives in Modling, Austria (this is just about 30 minutes outside of Vienna) , so I am worried about her, I am going to give her a call tomorrow to see how things are[…]


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Published on: March 6, 2006

OK, as I promised here is a post that has some real content in it, and for me this is also some big news, probably the biggest news I have shared on my blog since I started it up in July of 2004. Back then I had been work here in CASOS group of ISRI[…]

Dinner with my family

Categories: Family
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Published on: February 11, 2006

Tonight I had dinner with my family, My mother & father, my sister & her husband, and my Aunt Ellen. My sister and her husband are in town from Modling, Austria, and my aunt is also in town from Austin, TX. It was a lot of fun, we were in the restaurant for about 2[…]

Christmas cards

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Published on: December 19, 2005

I sent out the balk of the Christmas cards for this year. I had 27 to send out. I will probably get the last 2 in the mail tomorrow. I am only 29 and I have 29 people to send cards to. Well I hope they get to their locations in time.

Christmas decoration

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Published on: December 13, 2005

I will be putting up my Christmas decorations tomorrow. I know most people will wonder why the heck I am doing it on the 14th. No it not because I am lazy or forgot about it. The reason is that growing up my family always put up the Christmas Tree on the 14th and did[…]

The iHome

Categories: Family, Technology
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Published on: November 9, 2005

A week ago I mentioned to my mother that I wanted to get a radio with an external antenna; the reason for this was that RF reception in my bedroom is really bad. Well today for my birthday (Nov 9, 1976) the gift my parents got me (well one of the 2) is a radio[…]

The Lord of the Rings RPG group

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Published on: September 29, 2005

As I mentioned before the RPG group I have started with a friend of mine, is starting to get going. I believe I have completed my character, my friend Matt has found 6 other players. So we should have 8 people at the first game that we are hoping to get going sometime in October.[…]


Categories: Family, Games
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Published on: September 23, 2005

Last night (Sep 22) I got together with some friends to play some RPG. Well not really play just plan for it. We worked on making our characters for the game. The game is The Lord of the Rings Roleplaying game. We probably will not get to play till sometime in October, we are working[…]

A nice bike ride today

Categories: Biking, Family
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Published on: September 5, 2005

I went one a nice bike ride today to visit my parents in the south hills. I decide to bypass Mount Washington so I took the T down and then hopped onto route 19. I forgot how many hills route 19 had on it. But I got a good bike ride in. I was going[…]

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