Glad I have my T-Mobile hotspot setup for a fail over connection

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Published on: June 3, 2021

Well this morning Verizon has a total network outage where I live. A while back I setup my USG to use my T-Mobile hotspot as a fail over network. So I still have internet but burning though my data plan on the hotspot faster then I thought even with not streaming any video or music. In 2 hours I have used 3Gbytes of data. I should look into getting a second internet connection instead of my hotspot for when things like this happen, instead of destroying my data plan on the hotspot (only have 10GB on the data plan, or maybe updating to the 30BG plan but I would loss the data stash, probably should call T-Moblie to explore the options later today.)

But this has shown me even more the importance of having physical copies of my Entertainment be it my CDs or my DVD/Bluerays as I can still watch my shows, or listen to my music when I don’t have access to streaming services.

  1. Grace says:

    Hadn’t heard from you in a while, thinking of you!

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