Last week work sent me to training for Angular

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Published on: September 19, 2022

First about a month ago where I work sent me to training for React, at that time after class I wrote up a a web site for my streaming stuff. While I did get it up, I was not fully happy with it, I don’t like the language of React it felt clunky and I don’t like how you have to put the HTML code inside the ES code area. Well last week they sent me to training in Angular. One thing I really liked was that the HTML and ES code are split between the files, so the code does not get ugly. So I fully rewrote the site in Angular. True there is more code then the React version, it a lot cleaner looking and more readable. And it feels it will be easier to update and implent more features for the site in the future, and it will be easy to add it to the site.

While I still prefure a language in the C family, between React and Angular I much more prefur Angular over React.

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