Over the last 3 months

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Published on: April 10, 2021

Over the last 3 months, I have worked to pull my data off of the web, and take more control over my data. Things are going along. My email, I now use Claw for the email client instead of a web client, for my calendar I use JPilot calendar instead of google calander. I have been pulling back from the web more and more, for chatting, I am back on IRC. For message boards, I am using UseNet again, and an BBS that is still alive, and mind you they are still alive and kicking with many users.

I have found here people are a lot less toxic then people on social media. Sad thing is you can be toxic there, but god forbid you be a conservative on social media, toxic ok, conservative not ok. Another nice thing, is I now only have 16 web tabs open, down from over 50 I use to have open at a time, true I now have other programs open in place of a few of them, and some of them are just have no replacement.

Replaced tabs
message boards — Pan Usenet reader (2 or more tabs) or BBS
redit — Pan Usenet reader (4 or more tabs) or BBS
google calendar — jpilot
google contacts — jpilot
rackspace web mail — claw
google notes — jpilot
google todo — jpilot
google news — Akregator (an RSS feed agragator)

tabs not replaced

Those are not complete lists, but gives you an idea.

The sad thing is the internet is not living up to the promise it was touted as back in the 90’s where any one can communicate with any one else around the world. People just flock to the big tech sites, do what they are told belive what big tech tells them.

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