The problem with the internet today the censership and what not.

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Published on: January 17, 2021

There is is a major problem brewing on the internet, and that is of big tech censorship. And we are to blame for it (yes i am guilt of the issue i will state here too) WE have allowed the internet to become centralized. The internet is no longer a decentralized network of computers where anyone can state their opinion, it is now 4 companies that we must have their permission to have an opinion or you will be platformed. So if you don’t pull the liberal line google, facebook, twitter and amazon can and will deplatform you.
The good news is the infrastructure of the internet is still here and we don’t need to depend on the big 4. The software for blogs micro blogs and such is still here we don’t need parler or minds or another centralized service. We do have it in our hands to still break free of them and still post out thoughts online’ Yes i have been guilty of lettimg the big 4 take over where i share things, but maybe I should do more to post here on my blog and less on facebag or twitter, as they say take the power back.
I have to tools on my cell phone. i can do it from my tablet, my computer, heck right now as I write this i am sitting in my living room with a small hand held keyboard that wireless connects to a Raspberry Pi 4 connected to my TV.

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