Facebook is banning prolife sites now.

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Published on: May 10, 2021

As much as big tech think that unpersoning er sorry deplatforming people will make them go away, it will not. conservatives we will just exist outside of big tech. I read yesterday in the Federalist is starting to ban prolifers. In fact I had not heard of the site LifeSiteNews before The Federalists artical, now they are in my RSS reader. The attempt to unperson people just drew more attention to them, and conservatives that are either (like me) leaving social media because of their actions or in the case of the likes of those that get banned, we will not just simply up and vanish we will still exist, we will not change, they will just try to forget we exist.

On Usenet I am finding many many conservatives, Social media is not the only place to talk about things. And when you leave the area of big tech the censorship seems to stop. The promise of the internet is still there, and more and more conservatives will start to benefit from it. That promise is the promise of a decentralized network, that is not controlled by one entity, and for big tech that will be a problem, all they can do is chase the conservatives (and as it is starting to look like the moderates, and even left of center, see Tim Pool here, where Facebook has attacked him too) I wonder if big tech can survive off the ultra-left wing, because that all they will have after they ban conservatives, and moderates, and then left of center leave. Because that all social media will have left is the ultra left.

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