Well if you needed even more reason to leave social media

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Published on: July 20, 2021

This artical, talks about how the dems, are using social media to supress the 1st admendment. The sad thing is these social media giants are more then happy to go along with them. The more and more I read about things like this the more and more I am glad I deleted my social media accounts.

Remember how you were a nut if you thought the lab leak theory of the china flu was valid, but now that what they think.

Also notice how the people that want to censor idea or people they don’t like they always say it for your own good

“Oh these posts can kill people as it not the correct info for covid” — bidin adminstration

“Oh these books will send you to hell if you read them” — church of rome (when Luther, or Galilo published their ideas)

“Oh it for the children” — People against Video games, comic books, TV (or anything they don’t like)

Mind you I am not making judgment on truth values of what is being said, or what is being blocked, I am just saying cencorship of any type is bad. And also I am saying the 1st admendment does not have an exception for if a democrate does not like what is being said, or if it goes against a administration desired narative.

I guess the dems would have been ok with the book burnings of the in Germany in the 1930’s too.

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