We don’t deserve liberty any more.

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Published on: March 31, 2020

It was once said a people that will trade liberty for security deserve neither and will have neither. Now with the pandemic scare many Americans are cheering all these lock down orders. Pastors are being arrested people cheer because it “not safe” to go to church. Churches are being forced to close (and in NYC they may be forced to close forever according to their major) people cheer as it “only common sense” for the “safety” of the people.

The first amendment protections of “freedom of religion” and to “peaceably assemble” are now illegal under many states EO (the state I reside in being one of them MD, hell it even illegal now to travel outside of MD, or face a year in jail and $5000 fine) And people cheer, “oh bring me safety from this virus”

When this is all done and said, and we have lost the 1st amendment people will wonder why, this is why they cheered for “common sense” loss of freedoms, is this the world we want to live in?

I wonder for how long even this blog post will be legal for, I am sure some governor might make an EO for “common sense” reasons that to speak out against them is not in the interest of “public safety” You have those on the left that claim words are violance, I am sure they could use that “logic” to ban “undesired” speech too, and people will cheer as they are safe from ideas they don’t like.

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