One nice thing about physical games.

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Published on: December 31, 2021

The other day I was at a Retro game store, and asked the guy that worked there if they had a copy of Hydro Thunder a game I played a lot in the late 90s at the arcade when I was in colage. They did, true I had to buy a N64 for to play it, but here we are 20+ years later and I was able to get a game I remember and enjoyed. Now imagin if you will in 10 years someone looking to play a game they enjoyed in the past and also imagin it was a digiatal only game on the Wii, well that game is forever lost to history. But for me since I was looking for a game that had a physical game I was able to spend the money for the game (and in my case the money for the console also since I did not have a N64)

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