My Backup internet.

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Published on: January 10, 2023

In the past I have used a 4G T-Mobile hotspot, that was costing me about 50 a month for 10GB of data. But for that same 50 I could get T-Mobiles home internet. So I cancled the hotspot line and added the Home Internet for my backup internet. First they say there is no data cap like my 4g hotspot and it is 5G instead of 4G. I have tested it, my old 4G hotpost would only get to about 40 or 50 Mbit on speed tests, the 5g gets between 150 to 200 Mbit. So while my main internet (Verizon) is 1Gbit and works well, there are times when any ISP does go down, and it nice to have a backup internet. My router has both a WAN1 and WAN2 port, and can be setup for fail over. The router will auto switch over from the main internet to the failover internet within 30 seconds of the main internet going down.

I did not really expect to test it out so soon, but on Friday I did loss connection to my main internet, but I did not notice till I looked over to my router and saw the WAN1 port not flashing, while the WAN2 port was flashing. So it nice to know that it works so well I did not notice it till I looked at the router and saw the backup internet activity light was going off. This saved me from having to go into the office when my internet went down, I was able to continue to work from home since the backup internet picked right up with no problem (I went though 6GB in the time till the router switched back over, that would have taken 60% of my data on my old 4G hotspot if I had stayed on it, and it would have cut my productivity down since it would not have had the speed to do what I needed it to do)

So for the same price, I get a much better backup internet.

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