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Published on: January 17, 2021

I got the PS5 back on Nov 12, 2020. I have played a few games on it. As I don’t see much for updated graphics from my PS4 Pro, I am sure they are there I just don’t see them, I am seeing a massive improvement on the load times. One of the games I play on the Pro and now on the PS5 is Boarderlands 3. On the PS4 Pro I had swapped out the hard drive for a SATA 2TB SSD drive and the load times were still over 2 minutes long. On the new PS5 (with the NvME SSD drive) I am seeing load times well under 20 seconds, this has made farming bosses so much easier, instead of having to wait such a long time between Save/Quit and reload I am back into the game really fast now and considering I can kill some of these bosses in under 30 seconds that helps, before it would be 30 seconds to kill a boss, 2 minutes to Save/Quit reload.
On the Duel Sense controller, I am not much of a fan of the HD rumble or haptic feed back, don’t care about it much, but it does feel very very sturdy more so then the DS4, and that did feel sturdy enough. The one thing I do miss from my DS4 is the back button adapter that Sony put out a bit a go, and I hope they put another back button adapter out again for the Duel Sense.
The console size is just a bit to massive if you ask me, it was hard to find a place to put it, also I don’t much care for the white on the console, I am going for a black ascetic in my living room so the PS5 stands out like a sour thumb, I am looking forward to when we can either get replacement panels or the day I take them off and paint them black.
Over all I am happy with the PS5 so far.

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