Remember When

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Published on: August 10, 2012

Remember when blogs were the thing (kind of funny to ask that on a blog) well I have moved my RSS reading from a program to Google Reader so I can not only read it on my computer but also I installed the Google Reader on my Android Phone so I can keep up with my Tech blogs on the go. I wonder what would have been if both the Smart Phone and the blog revolution both came at the same time? Also I wonder if the age of the Blog is over or if it just now a part of life, I don’t think that Google+,Twitter, or Facebook have killed Blogs, they just have changed how blogs are done. People have stopped putting the most personal stuff on blogs (and people that had only Personal Blogs have stopped) but Blogs are still a nice way to get an opinion out, or to publish to the world. I know my blog has slowed down over the years (My first post was on Jul 2, 2004, not bad over 8 years of this, I also blame some of the slow down as I got to involved in World of Warcraft, but now that I don’t play that much anymore, not sure about how much I will play it in the future, I hate what they are doing to the game for the next xpac) But there are still some good blogs out there, some personal, and some Technical, and many Political ones.
Most things are now moving to the “cloud” (wow the internet has had so many names, I remember back in the 90’s it being called the “Information Superhighway”) and we are now almost always connected to the network. I have said it many times before and I will just say it again, in the 80’s Star Trek had the Borg, but we are fast becoming the Borg, and I for one am running to that place at full speed.

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