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Published on: August 9, 2012

Well it has been over a month now since I ditched Direct TV in favor of the cheaper Ruko. I am enjoying it, plus the savings of $80 a month is nice, I have had to put a block on my cell phone against their “customer retention” number as they are calling 10 times a day (thanks aFirewall, All I have to do is tell it I don’t want a call from 1-800-849-4392, and it sends them right to voice mail, and since they never leave a message I never get bothered by them)

Not only am I using Netflix, I am also using Jupiter Broadcasting (a geek station), the BBC, AmatureLogic (a ham radio station), TED TV, and a few others, I have more then I could hope to watch in a decade (and if I tried by the time I finished there would be more stuff to watch) Yes Cable and Satlight TV has alot to fear from things like the Ruko, Apple TV, and Google TV (I don’t think Google TV will take off the price point is to high, the price point for the device should be $100 and under and with Google TV at 300 to 500 it not going to take off)

I would say any one should take a look at these Internet Streaming Devices (ISD) it might be a nice way to save some money each month, for me at $80 a month that is $960 a year, I don’t know about you but I can sure find better things to do with that kind of money, plus I don’t get commercials eater, so I pay 1/10th of what I was paying before, I get more selection, and I get it commercial free, why would I want to pay more and get less.

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