A nice bike ride today

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Published on: September 5, 2005

I went one a nice bike ride today to visit my parents in the south hills. I decide to bypass Mount Washington so I took the T down and then hopped onto route 19. I forgot how many hills route 19 had on it. But I got a good bike ride in. I was going to ride back home, but it was 9 pm and my mother did not want me on the roads after dark. I told her that I would be fine I had all the lights that I needed. But you know how mothers are, she told me that I was going to ride back home with my father in his truck, so what choice did I have, so I got a lift home in my dads truck, oh well.

I am planning on a ride tomorrow with a friend. I am going to show him 2 of the trails that are on the Mon.

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