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Date : May 2005

Happy Memorial Day

Categories: Biking
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Published on: May 30, 2005

I want to wish all here a happy Memorial Day. I bike from Shadyside to Bridgeville; it was a great ride and took me 2 hours. It was a great ride; I did have to get off my bike in Dormant because I ran into a Memorial Day parade. There was a bit of rain,[…]

Pictures of the Betta’s new colors

Categories: Aquarium
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Published on: May 29, 2005

I took a few pictures of my Betta sporting his new color so take a look, his fins are looking very good, and healthy.

My Betta (a a few other things)

Categories: Aquarium
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Published on: May 29, 2005

My betta colors seam to change again since I put him in the new 10 gallon tank, his fins have started to turn from red to a bright blue. Also all the plants I have put in the tank with him are doing fine, One of the Plants, in my other 20 gallon tank, leafs[…]

Killed spam IPs

Categories: Web Site
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Published on: May 29, 2005

I have noticed that a very large number of spam to my blog has come from IP address starting with 80. So I put a IP ban in affect on my site to block all web traffic 80.x.x.x and today when I looked at the logs today, I did see a lot of access to[…]


Categories: News
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Published on: May 28, 2005

I heard on the news that this year we might have a have a heaver hurricane season in the US. It even hit us up here in Pittsburgh, where we got the rain from 2 of the storms and one of them caused flooding downtown. I hope that Pittsburgh does not get hit with flooding[…]


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Published on: May 28, 2005

I love this DVR. I have setup it to record the shows I like, I don’t even have to tell it the stations, it will find them and the time, and will record them automatically. I now have a bunch of shows to watch right now.

No more comments in the Video sections, comments on the blog still are here

Categories: Web Site
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Published on: May 26, 2005

I have disabled the comments in my video section, do to spammers. I got spam flooded there, so I have made it so that only registered users can post there (not like any one really will register to post there) and the registration requires the typing in of a number that is show in a[…]


Categories: Technology
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Published on: May 24, 2005

I called Comcast today because I was wondering how much it would cost me if I wanted a DVR from them, I had looked at the TiVo to see how much it was, and how much I would have to save up for it and the monthly cost. Well I was under the impression that[…]

Computer to VX-5

Categories: Ham Radio, Technology
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Published on: May 24, 2005

I went to use my cable to connect my VX-5 to my computer, I wanted to do some programming of the memory channels, and found that cable had been severed so either I can program the whole radio by hand or I can spend the money and get a new cable, I am leaning to[…]

This weekend

Categories: Biking
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Published on: May 24, 2005

This weekend is going to be great, first I have to say over the last 2 weeks I have not had a chance to go biking after work, to many commitments, and obligations, and that is going to continue until Friday, but come Saturday, I am only biking until Monday (except for Sunday morning I[…]

Sent off a letter to the editor

Categories: Biking, News, Politics
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Published on: May 24, 2005

Well I just sent off a letter to the editor of the Post Gazette, about critical mass, I wrote because I think critical mass is a bad idea, and hurts cyclists in the long run. Here is the letter I sent off to the editor I would like to write about an “event” that will[…]

Dinner Party

Categories: Friends
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Published on: May 22, 2005

I had some friends over for dinner; I had 7 people over for dinner. They started to get here around 7pm, and the last of them left at around 11pm, I will have to say that the dinner party was a great success, I love having people over to my place. There were some very[…]

Happy Trinity Sunday

Categories: Church
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Published on: May 22, 2005

Today is Trinity Sunday in the church. Being that it is Trinity Sunday our church says the whole of the Athanasian Creed. This is one of the longest creeds that I know of in the church. It does take some time to say, but it does a good job at spelling out the Trinity. And[…]

What a day

Categories: Biking, Pittsburgh stuff, Play
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Published on: May 21, 2005

I started out at 10am to go to the Venture Outdoors festival, on my way there I find there is also a French and Indian war thing going on at the point. I stop and take a look around, it is not very large but it was nice to see, I found out that they[…]

Baby fish

Categories: Aquarium
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Published on: May 20, 2005

Well today when I got home and looked at my Betta, I saw other animals in the tank I did not expect, and I am not talking about more snails, I saw what looked like fry. I know for sure that they could not have come from the Betta, since I don’t own any female[…]

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