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Published on: May 20, 2005

Well today when I got home and looked at my Betta, I saw other animals in the tank I did not expect, and I am not talking about more snails, I saw what looked like fry. I know for sure that they could not have come from the Betta, since I don’t own any female Bettas. My only guess is when I moved all the plants from the 20 gallon tank to the 10 gallon tank I moved some eggs with them. I am guessing that they were in the java moss. I have identified 6 of them, and caught them and put them in a holding hospital tank. I have also taken some plants out of the tank and put it in with the fry so they have a place to hid and sleep. I went to the main tank and looked to see if I could find any fry in there, I did not but the sad part is that when I was looking I found that I had lost one of my Red Eyed Tetras during the day when I was at work :'(. In one day I find new life in my tanks, and find the loss of a life in a tank too.

1 Comment
  1. Mark La Roi says:

    Bummer about the fish. I once accidently fully stocked a tank with Goldfish because when I did the intial set up, the plants came from a Goldfish aquarium at Pet Supplies Plus. After it had been running a week I thought I was imagining things, but no, there were 15 brand new baby Goldfishin there!

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