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Published on: May 21, 2005

I started out at 10am to go to the Venture Outdoors festival, on my way there I find there is also a French and Indian war thing going on at the point. I stop and take a look around, it is not very large but it was nice to see, I found out that they do this every year at the point. It got me thinking about the “Penn’s colony” that goes on in north park every year in the fall. I am probably going to try to go to it. After I did that festival I continued on my way to the Venture Outdoors festival. I was pretty good, they had a good number of biking stales, and a few other things. I left the Venture Outdoors festival at 2pm, and on my way home (the last 5 minutes) I got hit with some rain.

1 Comment
  1. KB3IBY Denny says:

    Another event I missed since I moved out to the country. I took a ride down to Waynesburg on the bike today. They have a sheep n fiber festival going on this weekend. Kinda cool, they had bands, food, and some sheep shearing demo’s to watch. Plus they had lots of handmade craft’s, and how to demo’s to watch. The weather held up pretty good, we got some wind, and a little drizzle (not even enough to get you wet). I saw, and talked to a few other cyclist while taking in the festivities. I’ll probably go down again today, but we might take a ride down to Morgantown, WV, and ride the rail trails instead.

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