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Published on: May 29, 2005

I have noticed that a very large number of spam to my blog has come from IP address starting with 80. So I put a IP ban in affect on my site to block all web traffic 80.x.x.x and today when I looked at the logs today, I did see a lot of access to my site blocked from IPs that matched that IP range. I do not believe this was legitimate traffic being blocked because it was trying to load just the pages that are for posting comments, if it was legit it would have tried to load a generic page and not the comments page only. If you have a blog that is getting spammed bombed try blocking all traffic from the 80.x.x.x area, that might help decrease the spam, I believe that there is a large number of anonymous proxies that start with 80.x.x.x.

The only semi-legit traffic came from a google search, and after looking at the search string I don’t think I want to have some one like that visited my site, it looked like he was looking for kiddy scripting scripts, the result returned the page where I bad mouth kiddy scripter.

  1. Sascha J. says:

    Hey man, I’m a bblog forum guy.

    Well, you have to be careful, because a major german ISP uses 80.x.x.x as one of his main IP Ranges (the other one is 217.x.x.x I think). So germans from this ISP might now have problems accessing your pages ;).

    But sure, if your spamload from those IP adresses is that big, banning those ranges should be ok 🙂

  2. I would not have to block such a larger range, but I was/am getting hammered from that range. You should see the error logs now, I get a “client denied by server configuration” error from that range every every few miniutes. I will add another page to show you the issue as I see it in the log. You will notice most (90%) go to the same page /home/mike35/public_html/congeek/modules.php and do not go for any other pages, and wene they were not blocked they only went for that one page, never downloading any images or anything else that was refured to.

    again click here to see 300 such errors from today

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