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Published on: May 26, 2005

I have disabled the comments in my video section, do to spammers. I got spam flooded there, so I have made it so that only registered users can post there (not like any one really will register to post there) and the registration requires the typing in of a number that is show in a jpg image, I hope stops the scum, they all posted as anonymous so I hope it does stop the scum from posting porn spam in my blog.
and when I say i had to delete alot I mean about 30 of them over night. The sad thing is now between my website comments sections and my email I spend about 10% of my day deleteing spam, that is just not right, the spammers have made the internet less usefull, and making it more of a waste of time, I hope the US goverment takes harder actions against these scum bags. I has been said that the internet will die in about 2 to 5 years because of spam and spyware.

  1. Jimmy Cerra says:

    Bloody Vikings!

  2. Max Rossin says:

    Nah. It’s very easy to avoid spam. All you have to do is to have opt-in email addresses only. This means that all email gets blocked, unless you’ve added the person to your mailbox. Give it a few years and that’ll be the end of modern day spam. Next generation will try to hack and fake accepted email addresses, but then the new level will be to have a password embedded in all email.

    Compared to paper, electronic media and the internet is the future. It’s just not as safe and reliable as people want to think. 128-bit encryption takes a few minutes to break and yet, all e-commerce is based on it. “a friend of mine” “allegedly” found a massive security flaw in Verisign. this “friend” could shut down access to all verisign accounts within an hour. but this “friend” doesn’t want to get into any potential trouble by even reporting it.

    Also, regarding DVRs… that’ll be changing to. In 10 years or so, we won’t have commercials. We’ll have the crap that BS like “American Idiot”, sorry, “American Idol” has – product placement directly in the show content – showing people drinking coke, driving a car, etc. How will you be able to block that? At least commercials will go away and instead of 22 minutes of content, we’ll have 27 =]

    Time to start reading books – no spam or commercials there!… hopefully

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