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Published on: May 24, 2005

I called Comcast today because I was wondering how much it would cost me if I wanted a DVR from them, I had looked at the TiVo to see how much it was, and how much I would have to save up for it and the monthly cost. Well I was under the impression that I needed digital cable to get the DVR. When I asked about the price of basic digital cable I found out it is pretty much ala cart, and she asked me what I wanted, and I said all I really want was to rent a DVR she said I did not need digital cable for it, and that it cost about $5 a month to rent the DVR and $9.99 ($10) for the connection to their servers. That takes the price to about $14.99 ($15) a month for it. When I researched the TiVo I found that it cost about $150 upfront and $12 a month for the service that is needed. I know I will be spending $3 more a month for the device, but if I look at the cost of the TiVo that I will not be spending upfront and take it over and it will take 50 months for me to spend the cost of the TiVo in the rental fee, or just over 4 years. This will also let me not worry about when things are on, I can just ignore when they are on set up the system to record them, and watch them at a time when I can not bike or don’t have other obligations.

  1. KB3IBY says:

    You’re going to love the DVR, beleive me. So easy to program, and lots of space to save stuff on.

  2. I did get a chance to play with it today, pritty cool on the rewind of life TV. I set it up to test it, I programmed it to record the simpsons tonight.

    I love living close to work, the cable guy came today at noon to install it, I biked home for “lunch” let him install it and played with it a bit. then back to work after the lunch hour was up. It says I have a message I will have to figure out how to get the messages off of it.

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