Well it been over a month and half since I moved over to the brave browser

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Published on: June 21, 2021

Well it has been over a month and a half since I ditched chrome for the brave browser, and it been very good. When I was using chrome my Load average was alwasy pegged at 6 and above, with the brave browser it is going as low as 2. It is nice to have a second system blocking tracking and ads (along with my pi hole) I would highly recomend it to anyone not just for the blocking it has built in, but for how much nicer it is on the CPU and it does not use as much memory. It less of a resource hog then chrome is.

Glad I have my T-Mobile hotspot setup for a fail over connection

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Published on: June 3, 2021

Well this morning Verizon has a total network outage where I live. A while back I setup my USG to use my T-Mobile hotspot as a fail over network. So I still have internet but burning though my data plan on the hotspot faster then I thought even with not streaming any video or music. In 2 hours I have used 3Gbytes of data. I should look into getting a second internet connection instead of my hotspot for when things like this happen, instead of destroying my data plan on the hotspot (only have 10GB on the data plan, or maybe updating to the 30BG plan but I would loss the data stash, probably should call T-Moblie to explore the options later today.)

But this has shown me even more the importance of having physical copies of my Entertainment be it my CDs or my DVD/Bluerays as I can still watch my shows, or listen to my music when I don’t have access to streaming services.

Setting up a DDNS script to update a DNS entry at Digital Ocean.

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Published on: May 20, 2021

Well I have a VPN end point into my home network. But the issue has been the changing IP address you get with home networks, and Verizon charges to much for a static IP (I don’t want to go to a business account) So I found this site http://rizwanansari.net/digital-ocean-dynamic-dns/ that has a script for doing it. Then using this site https://michaelryom.dk/custom-ddns-on-ubiquiti-usg/?doing_wp_cron=1621004472.1860389709472656250000 I setup the following cron job on my Unifi router

0 */12 * * * /config/scripts/post-config.d/create-ddns

So now the script from the first site runs every 12 hours, at midnight and noon. So now when I connect I have a static host name to use that is updated every 12 hours with what ever my IP address is. Makes connecting my cell phone to my home network easy (using OpenVPN) plus I get all the anti-tracking and anti-ads that my Pi-hole has.

As I move away from social media

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Published on: May 11, 2021

Today I have deleted (or should I say “deactivated as twitter puts it) my twitter account. Next I will be deleting my facebook account, I have not used them since January. True I know they will retain that data for as they want to keep it to try to sell my info to advertisers. and shadow profiles, but it just makes it eaier to break from them. Plus with the anti-tracking lists I have added to my Pi-Hole it will be harder for them to spam me.

Facebook is banning prolife sites now.

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Published on: May 10, 2021

As much as big tech think that unpersoning er sorry deplatforming people will make them go away, it will not. conservatives we will just exist outside of big tech. I read yesterday in the Federalist is starting to ban prolifers. In fact I had not heard of the site LifeSiteNews before The Federalists artical, now they are in my RSS reader. The attempt to unperson people just drew more attention to them, and conservatives that are either (like me) leaving social media because of their actions or in the case of the likes of those that get banned, we will not just simply up and vanish we will still exist, we will not change, they will just try to forget we exist.

On Usenet I am finding many many conservatives, Social media is not the only place to talk about things. And when you leave the area of big tech the censorship seems to stop. The promise of the internet is still there, and more and more conservatives will start to benefit from it. That promise is the promise of a decentralized network, that is not controlled by one entity, and for big tech that will be a problem, all they can do is chase the conservatives (and as it is starting to look like the moderates, and even left of center, see Tim Pool here, where Facebook has attacked him too) I wonder if big tech can survive off the ultra-left wing, because that all they will have after they ban conservatives, and moderates, and then left of center leave. Because that all social media will have left is the ultra left.

Wow Google really wants to know your IP address

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Published on: May 9, 2021

Well I have in my Pi-Hole blocked many URLs from google. One of the URLs is the Android connection test. “to make sure your phone is on line” To circumvent my phone saying it is not on line I followed this guide Self-hosting the WiFi Connectivity Check for Android

So basicly I created a file called 204.php on my internal web server I use for testing stuff that contains
exit(); ?>

I put it in my /var/www/htdoc directory and added the following to my httpd.conf file

NameVirtualHost *:80
<VirtualHost *:80>
ServerName connectivitycheck.gstatic.com
RedirectMatch 204 .*

The thing is I would never have known about this URL to be blocked if they did not make so many requests. When I look at the stats for my Pi-Hole it is the top requested domain name, in the last 24 hours the phone has done 5512 lookups for the domain. I keep an eye on the stats on my pi-hole, and when there is a unrecognized URL hit that often I start to look into it, most of the time they get blocked. If google was not so greeded for the data and spamming it so often I might never have known the requests were being made, and it would have flown under the radar, but since it the #1 requested URL on my network it looked suspicious to me. So I looked into it, and blocked it, and setup a work around to it.


I truly hate BGE, they suck as a power company

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Published on: May 3, 2021

So far 2 power failures this week. I am sure 3rd world nations have better power reliability then we have in MD with BGE

An important listen here

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Published on: May 3, 2021

Here on of the founding members talk about the problems with Wikipedia and bitcoin. Every one should take a listen to this

[Timcast IRL] #266 – James O’Keefe BANNED On Twitter, Will SUE w/Wikipedia Ex-Founder Larry Sanger #timcastIrl https://podcastaddict.com/episode/121845818

An important read

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Published on: May 2, 2021

Florida fights back against big tech I hope they win, but I fear that the elites have to much power, we are truly living in 1984, and big tech is big brother now.

I am one trying to break free of big tech, that why I left facebook, twitter, I don’t go on social media anymore. I stopped using google products, aka I switched to the Brave Browser, moved my calendar from google calendar, back onto a palm pilot. I have started using DuckDuckGo as a search engine. I am using a Pi-Hole and have found a few black lists that block google, facebook, and twitter’s tracking sites.

The Brave Browser

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Published on: May 1, 2021

In my attempt to get away from google more and more, I have decided to try The Brave Browser. First thing I have notices, after I copied all my settings over to The Brave Browser then opened up as many windows, and tabs (coping over the URL from the open tabs from Chrome) and shutdown chrome, my Linux boxes load average dropped from 6.5 to 2. I also like the dark theme it uses. Also it does more tracking blocking, even beyond what I have going with my Pi-Hole. Also with the load average, I have noticed the browser feels like it also more responsive too.

What is a load average see here for a full articular I will take some experts out of it below.

On Unix-like systems, including Linux, the system load is a measurement of the computational work the system is performing. This measurement is displayed as a number. A completely idle computer has a load average of 0. Each running process either using or waiting for CPU resources adds 1 to the load average. So, if your system has a load of 5, five processes are either using or waiting for the CPU.

You probably have a system with multiple CPUs or a multi-core CPU. The load average numbers work a bit differently on such a system. For example, if you have a load average of 2 on a single-CPU system, this means your system was overloaded by 100 percent — the entire period of time, one process was using the CPU while one other process was waiting. On a system with two CPUs, this would be complete usage — two different processes were using two different CPUs the entire time. On a system with four CPUs, this would be half usage — two processes were using two CPUs, while two CPUs were sitting idle.

Also note I have a 6 core CPU, so 6 is fully using it.

Games as a service is fraud.

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Published on: April 30, 2021

I found this the other day, and he is right games as a service is fraud.

With the news lately on digital stuff, it turning to be good news for those that are proponents of physical copies.

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Published on: April 29, 2021

Over the last little over a month 2 news stories have propelled those of us that are proponents of physical copies arguments as being stronger. first there was the news story of Sony shutting down the PS3/PSP/Vite stores (true they back tracked on that but only for the PS3/Vita, it still happening to the PSP store) and the currently new law suit against Apple with the closing of a customers account with over $25k worth of “bought” items. Combine that with the old shutting down of the Wii and DSi store by Nintendo, and it does not paint a pretty picture of the “digital only” future. It shows the flaws with digital only “purchases” and that is they are fleeting, and a company can deny you access to what you paid for. While physical, they can not remove those, they would have to break into your home, to take them away from you. The worst part is they can do a unreasonable search and seizure of “your” stuff, with out a warren, with physical they can not just deem you an undesirable and take your stuff away, with physical you have laws that protect you in your person and possessions, with digital only you have no protection of the law. And latly the democrats have been in the side of corporations saying “ya but private company can do what ever they want” (well they only say that when they denie conservatives, but deny a liberal they will take you all the way to the SCotUS, and even if you win there they will try again and again, see the multiple cases against “Masterpiece Cakeshop” which touches on Religious liberties.)

If you don’t keep your data on your local devices do you really own it.

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Published on: April 28, 2021

Here is a reason you don’t want to place your data in the hands of another do you even own your own data anymore. If a company decides they don’t want you on their services anymore you loss “your” data, you loss “your” digital content, you loss “your” apps.

Another issue I covered is the cost, sure it only $5 to $15 a month, but that is a permanent cost, a monthly cost for ever. Sure it sounds cheaper but over the years it adds up, that $5 to $15 becomes, $60 to $180 a year. $600 to $1800 a decade.

This also feeds back to the physical vs digital debate, so easily, when you “buy” (lets call it what it is rent) a digital item you don’t own it and it can be taken away from you with out warning, yet they want to charge you the same amount as they do for physical. It use to be when you went down to block buster and rented a movie for a few nights, they did at lest charge you a fraction of what it would cost to buy it. Yet companies want you to rent content for the same price it costs to buy it.

A very good read

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Published on: April 27, 2021

Why is it suddenly ok to ask people about there private medical history We are losing our freedoms by the day, even the freedom of privacy. Well with the FBI and CIA wanting backdoor into encryption and the like I should not be surprised.

Youtube gives themselfs an award for free speech

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Published on: April 21, 2021

So Youtube thinks they are a bastion of frees speech. On of the largest violators of free speach (facebag and twatter being the other two) is giving themselves an award for free speech. Just look at all the people they banned for “wrong think” over the years. They are so free speech, they free people from being able to put their option out there. That like a bank robber giving themselves an award for being the most honest person alive.

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