Bike Problems

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Published on: April 4, 2006

Well Yesterday after work I went out to get my bike, only to find my back tire completely flat. So I ask my pastor to give me a lift home, I did not plan on it snowing last night so I did not take a coat. After I get home, I stash the bike in the garage then went home to get some warmer clothing on. I went back out to go to walmart to get some new tubes. I take the 28x out, I get out there about 9pm, I go to walmart to pick up the tubes, I also grabbed some other stuff. I get back to the bus stop at 10pm, the bus finally gets there at 11pm. I get home around 11:30pm, so at this time I am tired and just go to bed.
This morning I get up around 7am because I have a dentist appointment at 8. I get out to the garage at 7:30 to and fix up the tube, and bike to the dentist appointment, on the ride there, I find the rim is not round at this time but as it goes around but one point of the tire goes in. When I get out of the appointment I find that the back tire of my bike is flat again. So I start to walk to work, I knew of a bike shop on the way so I thought I would pass by and drop off the bike and pick it up after work. Well I find when I get to the place were the bike shop should be I find it is not there. (I want to scream a few expletives at this point) So I end up walking all the way to work with a bike with a flat tire in tow.
What a day, but it should be over now. After work another friend of mine gave me a lift (and my bike) to a bike shop. I dropped it off there, and I will be picking it up Thursday after work. I did not stay because it was late, and they were closing near the time. I would go tomorrow, but I made plans with yet another friend to go to a skywarn class. So I will take a bus up to the bike shop and ride my bike back to Oakland. I also asked the people at the bike shop to do a miner tune up.

  1. KB3IBY says:

    Seems like we’re all having some early season bike problems. I had a chain snap Sunday afternoon, and had to Fred Flintstone my bike back to where I parked. Luckily, I was only about a mile away when it happened.

  2. pog-r says:

    your wheel is out of true.
    you also want to use the word, “minor.” a miner is someone who digs for **** underground.

  3. dave says:

    my high pressure tyres just went bang

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