A review of the Dell Inspiron Chromebook

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Published on: January 1, 2019

Back in November I got my hands on the Dell Inspiron Chromebook. First off I have heard people say how it is lacking, but i feel the problem they are having is that they forget what the chromebook and chromeOS is. It is not a full computer, you are not going to be doing codeing or playing AAA computer game on it. It is a web browser that can run some Android apps. Keeping in mind that it just a hardware web browser, you will find it is a very adequate system.

One nice thing about the Chrome Book is the battery life, I never had a device that lasted as long as 10 hours only on battery power while being used, I have tested it and had over a week of standby time. The devices is very light. Turn on time is very fast. There is very little storage space, as you are expected to use Google Drive for the storage (I am also a paid user for 100GB) Also the Dell has an microSD card reader in it, and for $20 I was able to get 126Gb one off of Amazon.

Web apps work well on it also, you can make use of Google Docs, and Google Sheets for word processing and Spreadsheets for data processing.

I have gotten a bit more out of the chrome system then just web browsing, I have setup Linux on ChromeOS and it has given me a good text based information so I can ssh in to my home computer. Also since I can run some Android apps, this has allowed me to use OpenVPN with my chromebook, this is nice as I have an OpenVPN endpoint setup for myself. But using OpenVPN and the linux on chromeOS I have full access to my home systems, when out and about.

I have also played around with a few Android games on the Chromebook. Some work ok some do not work as well. You will have to try them out.

In the long run if you remember what the ChromeOS is, you will find a ChromeBook to be a very nice system to have around

Yes I am praising the Chrome OS, and I can hear someone saying, but you been bad mouthing Google over what they are doing and where they are taking the Android OS. And while that is true and I still stand by my HATE for material design and the forcing developers to use android studio (I rather use eclipse still)

All in all, the Chrome Book is a good system when you don’t have to do computer intensive work (such as programming or playing games)

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