When it rains it pours

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Published on: January 29, 2019

This Sunday when I came out of church I found a 4 inch gash in my driver side back tire. My church is 70 miles from where I live so I am already behind the 8 ball here. I get towed to a tire shop. They have tires that fit my car, but not the size that the other 3 tires are. So I have to buy 4 new tires. $450 down the drain there.

Next thing is today, while I am getting home, BGE has yet ANOTHER power failure (mind you it is not snowing at this time, and there is no wind, just a no reason power failure like most of them, I swear there is at minimum 1 a week to about 1 a day, BGE is the worst power company) I end up tripping coming up the stairs to my apartment, and my phone goes flying, and shatters the screen. So there is more money out the windows, $70 for taxes and down payment and $20 added to my monthly cell phone bill. I really wanted to keep my Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, I loved that phone. Now I have the Samsung Galaxy S9. I don’t like that it does not have the physical buttons.

To top things off, for most of the night I can’t even get the screen to turn on on the S6 Edge+ (till about 20 minutes ago) so coping over my data that is not backed up by google is almost impossible, finally it did turn on, so I can now backup the nova screen settings, my podaddicts settings, and my fuel log settings.

Along with being able to back those up and upload them to my google drive, I am able to run the Samsung Smart Switch program, so now it is coping over most of my data. I am hoping I can have things 90% fully copied over, but I fear I will only get 75% or less.

I will probably end up doing a review of the Samsung Galaxy S9 later on after I have had 3 or 4 weeks of usage on it.

The one thing I fear is they say these things come in 3s, I have had 2, I am afraid of what might happen next.

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