MS thinking about buying EA and I say good let them

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Published on: January 31, 2018

I am hearing rumores from those I follow on YouTube that MS is thinking of buying EA games. As these are 2 companies I don’t like and don’t buy from I say let them. One of the reasons I have a console instead of gaming on the PC, is I don’t want to deal with windows. Back in 97 was when I switch to Linux, and Linux has been a great system ever since, when ever I have to help someone use windows I feel like ripping my own skin off (windows 10 is even worse then earlier iterations of the trash heap MS calls an OS, I rather eat a bowl of broken glass then use windows 10)
And given the whole gambling issue of EA (progression linked to gambling and it being promoted to children) I don’t want to be buying any EA stuff. If MS bought EA (and made all all EA games exclusive to their console) I would be fine with that it would be a one stop not to shop at place.
EA and MS 2 greedy companies that are perfect for each other, I say MS buy EA.

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