Roku 2

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Published on: July 4, 2012

Well it is day 5 with the Roku device, and I been working with it. In my last post I noted that the 2 shows I wanted that I could not find on Roku are The Simpsons and Regular Show. The second one I have found on Amazon’s Streaming Video service, so now the only show left is The Simpsons, but I can do with out one show, until they start to offer it on some internet streaming system. I am sure I will be canceling the TV subscription.

I can get my shows from Netflix and Amazon, news I already get of the internet, plus I will not get the stupid interruption for the emergency broadcasting test when they do (or when there is sever weather)

I am looking forward to not paying for TV, I am thinking of moving up the cancellation date of my subscription TV to the end of this month (since I already payed for this month it does not matter a hill of beans if I cancel tomorrow or on the 25.) I have already disconnected the Receiver box from my setup. Between my DVD collection, the Roku (Netflix, and Amazon Video) my VHS I don’t see ever needing a TV subscription. and if I ever need local “news” I guess I could buy a digital converter some time in the future.

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