I am free of iTunes

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Published on: July 8, 2012

Years ago I got an iPod, and since then I been enslaved by iTunes. Well in the last year Apple has said that they are going to kill the iPod classic, and one of their executives has been quoted saying that the iPod had a good run but now it time to buy an iPhone. That joined with their trying to prevent people from having real choice in cell phones (all their bogus lawsuits, I still can not believe they won on the phone number to link, Skype was doing that back in the late 90’s, that just like MS patenting the mouse back in the early 00’s) I decided to 1) retire the iPod 2) escape the iTunes (apple) eco-system. I retired the iPod during the fall of last year. and I have removed iTunes from my one windows computer on Friday. I am looking at Amarok (debating that one or getting xmms to work) for MP3s on my Linux box and WinAmp (yes WinAmp is still around) on my windows box, and the built in player on my Android devices (along with Google music on the tablet and the Amazon Cloud on the Phone). For Podcasts I am using Google Listen on the Android devices.

Long and short of it I am free of the ternary of Apple.

Also I am looking at stopping all video game playing on my computer, and if that happens I might not have a windows box soon as that the only reason I keep windows around, it would be a nice Linux box (as I kept it nice for gaming it should rock as a pure Linux box)

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