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Published on: June 30, 2012

I don’t like paying so much for a TV subscription. I am thinking of ditching the TV subscription, so today I picked up a Roku 2 XD. I also got a NetFlix account, and added a bunch of TV series. So far there are only 2 shows that are currently on that they don’t have (The Simpsons, and Regular Show) I plan on going 2 months more with the TV subscription to see if I can do with out it, if I can I will save myself some money and then cancel the subscription.

I would love to find 3 other shows (that are not on TV at this time) and they are : The Red Green Show, Red Dwarf, and Look Around You.

If any one wants to suggest a good Roku channel I would love to get a list. But for now the 20 or so TV series I have added to Netflix and the 2 news channels I added to the Roku I have added should keep me in TV for more then I need (as I normally watch maybe 2 to 3 hours a week, another reason to get ride of the TV subscription I pay way to much for the time I watch)

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