A solution to my problem of having 2 separate calenders

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Published on: May 21, 2006

I have my calender where I keep every thing I need in a calender, it is on my Palm. But at work we have a group-ware calender that we need to use, that works though outlook. Well I have been keeping only my work related stuff in the outlook calender and every thing (including work related stuff) on my palm. I have wondered if there was a way to sync the two, and copy only my work stuff from my Palm to my work calender, and to copy everything from my work calender to my Palm. Well as I was looking around for information on Google Calender and the Palm I ran across people also talking about AirSet. It has a syncing tool that will sync its calender to both the Palm desktop and Outlook. So I backuped my Palm info, installed the AirSet sync tool and tested it out. I had to change the Group names on the Palm (put “[” and “]” around the names, but that was it) then ran the program, it copied a set of my current calender form the Palm to the online calender, it reported that it did not copy over anything older then 12 months, and that I should purge them for faster access. But I think I will keep them around since the access was fast enough for me, the sync will happen at night (12:00am) and they are not hurting anything, and it is fun to go back and see what I was doing all those years ago. Now I just have to setup at work to sync to my outlook calender, so that if I get an meeting sent to me, it will be copied to my Palm nicely, and when I enter something on my Palm it will be sent there (if it is work related)

1 Comment
  1. mike says:

    Hi Mike! This is Mike K from your old job. How are things? I haven’t been reading your blog because I have been away, but I’m back now. You certainly seem to be comfortable with blogging.

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