Googles Calender system, PDA, and ranting

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Published on: May 21, 2006

Well it has been well over a month since Google made their Calender system live. I have put off look at it for a bit, in the hopes that when I looked at it I would be able to get a system that would allow me to sync it with my palm pilot. Well it has been a month since they open up the calender system. And I started to look at it, and I looked for a way to sync it to my palm pilot. And I have found that there as of yet is no way to do it. So for me, that puts the Google Calender in the unusable place, if it does not sync with a palm pilot, then it will be of no use to me. I have used a Palm Pilot since May 31 2000, and I don’t see any reason to leave it, the Palm does it job very well, and then some. When I got my first Palm, I was looking for a electronic organizer I could easily back up to my computer, at the time the Palm IIIe was the cheapest that could do that, the Windows CE’s stuff was not out, and the low end of those were (are) more expensive then the low end palm stuff, and back then I was still in collage and needed a low end one. Over the years as I upgraded, IIIe -> VIIx -> Tungsten T -> Tungsten T2 -> Tungsten T3. The Tungsten T2 was not long lived for me, it had many problems from day one to the end of its life, the Tungsten T3 I have now I got a while back is so far is the longest lived one for me, the second longest lived one I had was my original IIIe, Part of me still misses that good old IIIe. But back to the Google Calender, until I can find a way to sync to the Palm Desktop the Google Calender will be useless, I am still working from the same calender I used way back in 2000, it is odd some times to scroll back the years on the Palm and see my schedule back then, I still have the stuff in the device, and I can see what I was doing on different days back then. Over the years I have become opinionated about what a PDA should be, and should not be. Basically a PDA should be a organizer, and maybe have some computer functions added on, but it must be an organizer first and foremost. Second, I could never see using a thumb pad for entering data into a PDA.
What do I view as the main features of a PDA? A calender system, an address book, and a Todo system. I will admit I don’t make much use of the Todo on the palm, but the other 2 are really important to me.

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