Lunch with a friend and biking

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Published on: April 28, 2006

Today I had lunch with a friend of mine from church that also work at Union Switch and Signal. We talked about a few things, it was a good lunch. The one subject that we covered that I wish to put here was that he said that he found one day an ad on his bike for something called “critical mass” and he was thinking of going to it. I told him he should not go, these people are 1) ultra liberal (so liberal they make Al Sharptin look like a neo-con) 2) law breakers (running red lights all the time, taking up the whole road when the law only allows for 2 abreast) 3) doing it only to annoy others. So I told him that he should not go.
Also on my way home from work today (around 6pm) as I was coming up Coltart Ave, I saw the jerks that do “critical mass” biking down Forbes Ave, I did not want to be seen near them or have people think I was with them, so I just wanted at the intersection as they blocked the road, and as they pass yelled at them that they do more harm to bikers then they do good, they are only pissing off drivers, they were not happy with me.

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