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Published on: April 28, 2006

I have not posted about this in the past, but my legs have been giving me problems for a while (the last couple of years). I will get nasty leg cramps, and they will violently twitch at night, and when I say violently twitch, I mean that they will violently kick at night when I am trying to sleep, I have been ejected from my bed from the kicks. I have a bit of a fear that one night I am going to wake up in massive pain from a broken toe. Does any one that read my blog have any suggestions on what I can do to help stop it.
I am trying a few “Dietary supplements” and they are:

  • Potassium (99mg)
  • Magnesium (400mg)
  • Calcium (1000mg, a friend of mine said this might help, it can not hurt)
  • finally I take some “Leg Cramps” pills with Quinine (not a Dietary supplement, but it is for leg cramps)

I started these about a year ago and they only help a little bit, they help with the cramps, but my legs still violently kick at night, so I am wondering if any one know of anything I can do to help stop the kicking at night?

  1. th1alb says:

    wow man, that sucks. well, i really can’t give you any suggestions but i could tell you what i would do. well for one, i would think its a psychologial thing. maybe you get really mad during your sleep as you think of certein events from the past, or you get anxious maybe of the future. i would try to find a method to monitor it, and see if i can find any connections, maybe to what i was thinking about before i fell asleep or what happened during the day.

    maybe it is more like a habbit. i would try to tie my legs to the bed, that could maybe help. maybe something that will wake you up when u do it and will hopefully bring you out of the habbit, as your body might think “i just want to sleep now, ill do it later” lol.

    hm, but before you take my advice, you might want to research on the internet and/or ask some doctor about it.

  2. Sean says:

    IANAD (I Am Not A Doctor), but the magnesium and potassium should be good for the leg cramps. But the kicking and twitching sounds different, so I don’t know if the leg cramps are the normal garden variety of leg cramps that low magnesium or potassium might cause. I have heard of this thing called “restless leg syndrome” that is supposed to be a twitching or kicking and an “uncomfortable restless feeling” in the legs that makes you want to get up and walk around. I know someone who has it and they take some prescription medicine that seems to control it completely for them. So the best advice is probably to see someone WIAD (Who Is A Doctor).

    Hope you feel better, man. I’ll keep you in prayer.

  3. Well I know it is not a anger or anxious thing, I have a relitive that this happens to too. He was just resently diagnosed with RLS, but I am holding off on the going to the doctor thing, because if it is RLS then there is not much that can be done, there is a new drug out for it, but I would not want to try it since we don’t know what the long term effects are, so I will hold off till we have some idea what the long term effects are.

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