Why do people steal stuff that is not theirs?

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Published on: November 30, 2005

I hate it when I bring a lunch to work, and since it is a frozen TV dinner I put it in the freezer here at work. When Lunch came around I go to get my lunch and find that some one took it. Yes it was only a $1 frozen meal, but the true cost of the theft is 7.72. Where do I get 7.72 from, well since my lunch was stolen I had to got out and buy a lunch, which cost 6.72, so I add the price of the stolen lunch to the price of the food I got for lunch since my lunch was stolen, and get the 7.72. Luther was right when he said that when presented with a choice of doing the right thing or the wrong thing, people by their nature will do the wrong thing, because of their fallen nature. This is not the first time my lunch has been stolen when I have brought it in. I been bring in my lunch to try to save some money, but thanks to these thieves it is actually costing me more then just going out to eat each day.

  1. You asked:

    Why do people steal stuff that is not theirs?

    The simple reason is because it’s not stealing if it’s your own stuff. I can’t steal from myself. Nor can I, in most states at least, steal from my wife because it’s stuff I already own. So a naive reason that people steal stuff that is not theirs is becuase it wouldn’t be stealing otherwise. Maybe I’m just being a jerk too.

  2. LOL. no you are not being a jerk, but nor are you ansering the questions, but still thanks that was funny.

  3. Luke Kukyendall says:

    Recently my friend stole something from me a PSP or Playstation Portable.
    Im not certain he stole it.
    But all signs point to him
    earlier in the week i had my PSP on the edge of my couch. I remeber it being there. Then today after he left began looking for it later that night and couldnt find it. I LOOKED EVERYWHERE.
    im afraid to ask him if he stole it cause i know he will lie.
    He’s a good friend but i think he stole my PSP

    What do I do?

  4. luke says:

    me again
    igot the hunch o my friend
    word has it he steals from malls and stores all the time and sells what he steals for a lower price.

    That makes me even more suspicious.

    He sais he’s my friend and wouldnt be an idiot like that and steal my things.

    he evne comes up with stories of how people rip him off with stuff to ease my mind i guess or to get me to believe him.

    Quite Frankly i would rather lose our friendship as long as i got my PSP back.

    Call me stupid or greedy

    But hey you think you know someone.

  5. geo says:

    maybe people just are stupid

  6. B says:

    I was given the gift of a Coach wallet from a previous employer on my final day of work. She knew it would be something I loved but would never be able to justify buying for myself. I carried that thing around with me everywhere. Well, it fell out of my purse in MY car. As my boyfriend was giving his “friend” a ride to work, this “friend” picked up the wallet and asked him about it. My boyfriend told him that it was mine and asked him to leave it in the center console, and thought nothing of it. The next day, as I was being brought to the hospital to be admitted for a chronic medical condition, I was looking for my wallet and it was nowhere to be found. At first, I did not want to blame this “friend” because he knew of my situation (I have recently been strapped for cash due to medical bills and student loans). As we searched high and low, I eventually accepted that the wallet was gone. Luckily, it only contained about $5, my insurance card, and my AAA card. My boyfriend asked a mutual friend a favor. When she saw the “friend’s” girlfriend, she was to ask to borrow $1 from her. Well, she did, and guess what the girlfriend took out to get the $1! When the mutual friend commented on the wallet, the girlfriend told her that her boyfriend took it from someone who “did not want it as much” as she did, and explained that I had just left it on the floor of my car, apparently making it fair game for anyone to take. How could someone just take something that is not theirs and give it as a gift to his girlfriend? And how could the girlfriend accept it knowing that it was taken from someone? Stealing is wrong no matter who you steal from, but when it is someone whom you know and who is in a dire financial situation and is doing you a favor by giving you a ride to work (repeatedly!), how can you live with yourself? I have had items stolen from me before, but it has never bothered me this much because of the anonymity of the theives and/or the lack of sentimental value of what was stolen. I do not recall my ever knowingly stealing anything from anyone, and am the first to go back to the register if I am undercharged/not charged for an item at a store. (I do not want cashiers to get in trouble when they count the register and realize that they’re short). I am beginning to believe that there is no such thing as good karma, though I will still continue to do what’s right because it is right and not just for ultimate personal gain/gratification/self riteousness. Why does this bother me so much?

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