A fun waste of time

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Published on: November 29, 2005

I found a link to a fun flash game. The game is called Nanaca Crash. I been messing arournd with it a bit, so far my best score is 9379.93 I am hoping that maybe this weekend I can mess with it a bit more and get over 10,000. Here are a few things I found out on the game (instructions are in another language) after you get the victum flying you can click to do a bust, you will have red boosts and blue boosts, the red ones you get 3 to use while playing the game, and the blue will start at 100%. The blue will refill during the game, when you use it it will drop to 0%. Red are use when the victum is falling and blue is for when the victum is going up. Their are other people that will scroll by as your victum is flying down the feild. each one does something to your victum, you will not want to have your victum hit the green girl, she will end the game, well unless she is labled as a “special” then you will have less then a second to click the screen to get a boost out of her. Good luck if you try the game.

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