Pulled the last two radios out of storage

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Published on: August 29, 2005

In an earlier post I posted a picture of my radio setup. Well today I pulled out the other two radios I had out of storage to set them up. The new radios are the Alinco and the Tempo One. The Tempo One I can use to listen on, it is a Transceiver, but I can not use it to transmit since I do not hold a high enough license, I am pulling out to see if I can build an antenna for it to see if I can tune in any of the Hurricane nets in the future. The Alinco, I need to build a power adapter for it. I tested it out today with the power adapter for the Icom, I was not to happy with what I found, at First. The Power meter I was using did not register much power comming out of it. I had it on 50 watts and the power meter was only registering 5 watts. I changed out the antenna on it to a home made one, and it went to full power, with a low SWR (1.4 on both 2 meters and 70 centimeters) I will not always be using full power I usually use low power (5 watts)

I have also taken a new picture of the radios

I don’t foresee myself using the Tempo One any time soon since I don’t have the desire to get onto HF at all, but I am interested in listing to it, so I will need to make an antenna for it.
Also here is my antennas that are in the other room

Of the vertical antennas the longer one is a two meter one, and goes to the Icom. The shorter one is a dual band one that I made for two meters and seventy centimeters (it has a SWR of 1.4:1 on both bands) And in the upper right hand of the picture you will see a wire going across the picture, that is part of the 200 foot short wave antenna.

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