Hurricane Katrina Storm Radio Freq

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Published on: August 29, 2005

Ok for those of you that are either Ham radio operators or scanner enthusiasts, I emailed a friend of mine for info about freqs to listen to about Hurricane Katrina. Here is what I got back from him.

Hello all,

The W3YJ repeater is currently monitoring the Echolink Hurricane Watch Net
via the VK3JED (Echolink node number 42840) conference server.  This server
is listen only and has been set to automatically mute connected stations so
that repeater id's and chat will not interfer with the net operations.  The
National Hurricane Center has been checking in regularly collecting reports.

Band conditions are marginal on 20 meters but I am hearing the net control
and some stations checking in and giving reports on the 14.325 net
frequency.  I have heard nothing yet today on the 20 meter SATERN frequency
of 14.265 but I would imagine that net will be up and running a little

The 3.873 TX, LA and MS ARES frequency was coming in very clear
overnight up
until about an hour ago and is now very hard to copy.


This is a repost from the K3MJW mailing list.
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