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Published on: August 5, 2005

I think Podcasting is a mixed bag right now. There are many people doing it, I have read that there are many pod casts that are really bad. I know of a few podcasts that I do like, but also these podcasts are real radio shows that are on the air, and are professionally done. The reason I listen to them on podcast is because 1 they are not broadcasted in the Pittsburgh area. 2 The times they are on I am usually out biking. The shows are on KFUO in St. Louis. They are Issues, Etc, and Law and Gospel. They are very well done. So right now I download them though iTunes (yes they are listed in the iTunes podcast directory) and in the morning I just copy the newest downloaded episodes to my Shuffle. So when I go to work I will listen to Issues, Etc in the morning from 9 am to noon. At noon I turn over to the computer and log into the Rush Limbaugh’s web site to listen to his show. Then I finish up the day with Law and Gospel at 3 to 4. I guess the term Todd Wilkins (the host of Issues, Etc,) uses fits me well, and that term is “Talk show junky”. The rest of the iPod is filled up with a few other miscellaneous talk shows, so when I go biking I still have a few things to listen. I think it is great the KFUO podcasts there shows now.

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