Had to deal with a jerk today while biking

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Published on: June 10, 2005

Today I took a quick 30 minute bike ride today after work (I did not have much time today for fun and games since I had other responsibilities so I just did a quick run around Oakland) Well as I was going down one of the roads, I had some one yell at me, to “get the f*** off of the road”. I was not holding him up, in fact I kept passing him since he kept hitting stop signs and there was traffic, I guess he did not like the fact that I did not get off the road and kept passing him because 2 times when he passed me it looked like he tried to hit me, since he was coming so close to me ( at one point I had less then an foot between me and the side of his car) I was glad when finally he passed me and I took a turn behind him so he could not follow me since I don’t know how insane he was.

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