Another update on my baby fish

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Published on: June 10, 2005

As I said before, I found 6 fish fries in my tank back on May 26, I removed them to their own tank. Later I talked about the 5 zebra danios I had and I mentioned how I believed I must have lost one of the babies. Well this morning I found that I was wrong I did not loss the 6th fish, when I went to turn on the lights this morning on their tank, I see a fish swimming at the surface at the center front of the tank, my first thoughts was “oh no did I loss another baby” when I took a closer look I realized it was not one of my baby zebra danios, but it looked more like a baby Red Eyed Tetra (body shape being deeper and length being a bit shorter for the body depth). I took an even closer look, which scared the fish a way from where it was swimming. So it looks like I did not loss the 6th one but it was just hiding on me.

I am thinking that when it grows larger enough I will put it back in the main 20 gallon tank since it would be the only Red Eyed Tetra in the 10 gallon and they are schooling fish, so it would need other Red Eyed Tetras to be happy. The 5 zebra danios can stay in the 10 gallon tank since they are a school in and of themselves.

As soon as the baby fish get large enouph I will take some pictures of them for the web site.

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