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Published on: June 11, 2005

I have had a lot of my friends say that I need to get a new TV since the quality of the picture on my TV was not all that great, there was always some snow on the picture no mater what the source of the signal was. And today I picked up a converter to take RCA jacks to a stereo 1/8″ plug, since I had some nice speakers I was not really using (it was about $5 bucks for it) Well when I changed the audio output to the speakers from the simple mono speaker that the TV had, not only did I get better sound, the snow I was seeing on my TV just vanished, now the picture quality is good again, not bad, I think the audio signal was interfering with the video signal since I had to send the signals though an RF converter before going to the TV via coaxial cable. Now the only signal being sent to the RF converter is only a video signal since I send the audio signal to a different source (the good speakers), So not bad I had in a way gotten a new TV for $5 today. The speakers I am using are very good they even have a sub-woofer the stuff now sounds great compared to before when it was all in mono.

1 Comment
  1. MacZilla says:

    Nicely done.

    And who says DIY isn’t good for anything? 😉


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