A new betta

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Published on: June 9, 2005

Today I went to the pet store to pick up some more baby fish food for my baby zebra danios. While I was there I saw this beautiful betta. It has a white body with a red head and fins; I know that the colors of it will change over time as it becomes more comfortable with its new home. When I say with its new home I mean I did buy it, and a 10-gallon tank for it to live in. I had the water aged for the tank (I had 8 gallons of water aged. I took some rocks from one tank, and some java moss from a second tank for the new betta. I have 4 fish tanks going 1 20-gallon tank and 3 10-gallon tanks, 2 of those 10-gallon tanks house only 1 fish, and that is a betta each. I asked on a fish forum about having the betta tanks next to each other and the betas seeing each other, they said they will flare up a lot at first but once they get use to the fact that both are there and they can not get to each other they will calm down, so I put the 2 tanks next to each other. I moved the eMac to the main computer desk, so now I have 3 computer screens on the one desk and the 2 fish tanks on the other desk, and a bit of a place to do some paper work when I need to do paper work (read pay bills) I have also taken a video of the 2 bettas getting to know each other and you can see it in my video section by clicking on this link here. I did some editing to cut down on the time.

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