Free Ride

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Published on: June 18, 2005

I went down to free ride today to see if I could learn how to re-tension a wheel. They explained it to me. Also we took my wheel of my bike and round that it was already straight. There was some one else that needed his back wheel needed to be re-tension, so he let me re-tensioned. It was a win on both sides, he got his wheel re-tensioned, and I got the practice on re-tensioning. I want to get some more practice, the people said that they have a bunch of wheels that needs to be straiten, I figure maybe I can go down and practice on them, they benefited since I will be re-tensioning some wheels that they can then resale and I get the benefited that I should get reasonable good at re-tensioning wheels, so that when I need it done to my own bike I will save the $15 that most bike shops charge for it, and since I got the bike last year I needed the wheels re-tensioned 4 times since then. Plus I might get a member ship with bike-pgh I saw a sign where there were so many hours for membership levels.

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