What a day

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Published on: June 17, 2005

I got a couple of hours of biking. Then I wondered around the arts festival. I then headed up to a gym and rested for a bit, took a shower, then relaxed in the steam room, then I went into sauna to dry off for a bit. Then hit the shower again, got back into my biking clothing headed on down to Market Square for a 9pm bike ride, the group went up Mount Washington, It was an intense ride up hill, I wish I could have biked up all the hills, but I am just not that strong of a biker, I will probably try those hills again in the future to try to build up my uphill riding strength. But the ride was worth it, we ended up at the west end, and had a GREAT view of the city from the top of Mount Washington. Since it was night and I did not have my tripod with me I could not get any good pictures, but on a future ride I will take during the day to take a picture and/or a tripod, it should be a great set of picture.

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