Moving the baby zebra danios

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Published on: June 20, 2005

Today I started the move of the fish from they old 10 gallon tank that they grew up in and put them into the 20 gallon community tank, I part of me wanted to keep them in the 10 gallon tank so they could have a undisturbed life, but they are also schooling fish so it would be better for them to have friends to live with. So today I took a plastic back and caught them and put them in the community tank, I have left the baby Red Eyed tetra in the 10 gallon tank for now, and when he gets bigger I will move him also.
When I moved the first of the zebra danios, I noticed that one of the older danios was started to chance it, but a third one came in to (it looks like) protect the smaller one. After the first was moved safely, I started to catch the other 4 and moved them. As of this typing they are in the last 5 minutes of the floating before I release them in to the community tank.

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