Finally fully killed the guestbook here.

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Published on: April 15, 2005

About 6 months ago, I turned off the guestbook on my site because of spammers. I have still been seeing in my server logs that the spammers are still trying to put entries in there, but not seeing any real legitimate traffic to that page, and I have not gotten any complaints about it not working. So I have finally decided to kill the guestbook, after printing up a copy of the real entries I have deleted the guestbook files, and SQL database for it. That was the only part of the site I could not really deal with spam in an efficient way, so it is now gone. The other sections of my website still have comments open on them, since I there are ways I can deal with the spam there. Like in the blog section all comments must be approved by me first before they show up. The reason I do that is so that they can not use my blog to try to increase their Google page rank by getting another link to their site, the link will never show up on my site. Only I will ever see the spam, and when I see it I just delete it, so they gain no benefited from my site.

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