Making some headway with those gmail invites

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Published on: February 8, 2005

I have given 19 of them away, keep the requests coming guys (, and I will keep sending the invites out until I am all out of them, as of right now I have 31 invites left. I am wondering just how long it will take me to blow them all. I just want to see if it is possible to use them all up, I don’t think so it seams that almost every one has an gmail account as of now, and those that do not have them don’t want them

I have posted to 5 differiant bulletin boards my gmail address ( in hopes that people will eat them up. Also I put up on a white board in the SCS undergrad lounge at CMU the email to email for an invite, for a total of 6 places that it is listed. Unless some one has been living under a rock at CMU I doubt any one there will respond.
I should also note if you know any one that wants one, just have them email me and I will be happy to send one to them also.

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