The captured US doll in Iraqi

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Published on: February 9, 2005

I found this link on the net, it is the possible next 10 threats from terrorists. All I can think of is how those terrorists have mistreated that poor doll; well they must be bad they can pick on a doll. I am sorry this story is just too funny to let go unposted about here.

But as all good stories like this it turns out it is only a hoax. But even CNN fell for it since they did report it as news. So I looks like the picture was really taken but not by a terrorist group, but by some kid. But it is funny as all get out, to think that the news media can be suckered into reporting such a story, I would think off the bat that it would have been a non-story to begin with, oh wow, they captured a DOLL!! oh what ever shall we do. I think that to report it really is just a waist of air space, it is better left to the comedy web sites.

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