Something is up with Google

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Published on: February 8, 2005

Today I have noticed google really crawling my web site like it has never been before, I seen the googlebot coming from 6 IP address. It is also going to pages that google has not crawling before; the Photo section of my site google has never done before now there are 6 of their bots going though that section. Ouch is all I can say for them, it does not hurt me but I have over 1418 pictures, and each one has 2 pages for it, a normal view and a full view of the picture. It will only cost me about 1.6Gb to let them do the whole site, no big deal for me, I have 50Gb of transfer a month, but I dread to think how this will just clutter up their database when it comes to my site, They will have over 3000 pages from my site indexed. Are they about to update their search tool again, and I wonder what they are going to be adding.

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