mySQL how I hate it

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Published on: October 7, 2004

I am working on debugging the program I am working of for work. Well now, when I step over a call to a function that just calls into the Mysql lib, it get a unhandled exception, so deep in that VC++ (I have to use this compile for work) will not give me the stack so I can not even figure out where the problem is. I HATE mySQL, I HATE IT WITH THE PASSION!!!! Well I am going to go pass out for now, and try to do more on it at the office tomorrow. I been working on this debugging since this morning, and worked on it during and after dinner today. I normally love debugging, but I hate it when I can not get into the code that is causing the problem, and all VC++ is giving me is the disassembled code. This just raise a question in my mind. In the EULA from Microsoft for windows it says you may not disassemble their code, but when you work with VC++ and you are debugging and a crash happens (just not in this one) it might just give you the kernel code disassembled?? how is this compatible with their own EULA? Oh well questions for another day.

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