Humm, dilemma time!

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Published on: October 8, 2004

Well I been looking into things and came across this site of the constitution party

And here is what is getting my attention
Sanctity of Life

Religious Freedom

I am not so sure on this one Taxes I HATE taxes as much as the next person, but we can not just cut them, there are some programs that are not really in the constitution but many on all sides of the fence would say are needed, how would we fund them??? so I don’t think I would really agree with this one.

or this one Welfare I will be the first to admit there are major major major problems with the current welfare system, but there are some though no fault of their own can not work (physical problems of one sort or another) there should be some way for these people to be cared for, and since people are not as religious as they use to be, and there is a major problem in America of selfishness (unless you can posse how to fix that with out forcing religion on people) we will need a safety net, not one as big as the one we have not, but something.

But all in all: I think they might, just might, I think maybe they are closer to what I believe then the Republicans, I am going to really have to site down and think about this one. I now have a dilemma, and I now have less then a month to sort it all out.

I still know who I am going to vote for Persident, but for the rest? humm? Well maybe not, I am going to mail the pres candidate and see what he says, I should let him defend himself, well lets see what comes of it, I will probably post here the results one way or the other.

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